What Is SlenderWall?

SlenderWall is a proprietary, lighter weight, permanent, exterior cladding, architectural precast concrete/steel stud building panel wall system with extraordinary design versatility.

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The SlenderWall panel’s exterior surface is 2-inches of molecularly bound PVA fiber and welded wire reinforced high-strength architectural precast concrete. The integrated interior frame is made of 14 & 16-gauge, G90 galvanized steel studs spaced vertically at 2-foot centers. The architectural concrete is connected to the steel-stud frame utilizing stainless-steel fasteners, creating a thermal air gap. The frame is filled with factory-applied closed-cell foam insulation. It is the only wall system that combines these time-tested, proven design components to create an integrated exterior wall system weighing about two-thirds less than conventional architectural precast or brick.


To learn more read "A Case for SlenderWall" - six case studies covering a wide-range of market applications.


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  • High-strength architectural precast concrete
  • Heavy-gauge G90 galvanized steel studs
  • PVA fiber and welded wire reinforcing
  • Stainless-steel headed anchors
  • Energy code compliant continuous insulation
  • NFPA 285 fire-rated and ASTM E119 Tested

What Makes SlenderWall Different

It provides designers with unique and limitless design flexibility and function. SlenderWall provides all of the permanency and flexibility of traditional architectural precast, but benefits from a 2/3’s savings in weight and an integrated interior stud frame. The only truly complete architectural precast concrete building panel on the market.

Exclusive to the SlenderWall system

These additional benefits of the SlenderWall system establish it as the premier exterior wall system of choice for major projects:


  • Superb architectural design flexibility (limitless combinations of architectural precast textures, colors, shapes and finishes)
  • Makes cantilever designs practical
  • Perfect for both re-cladding and new construction


  • Superior durability
  • Permanent components
  • Plant-produced quality
  • Optional plant-installed closed-cell foam insulation and windows


  • Lightweight (30 lbs. per square foot compared to approx. 90 lbs. for heavy architectural precast)
  • Economical (reduces building foundation and structure costs plus shipping and installation costs)
  • Mounts outboard of the floor slab, yielding bonus square footage on each floor
  • Smaller cranes and fewer trailers to jockey

Independently Performance Tested: SlenderWall has been fully tested and meets the required ASTM and AAMA standards.

Who Produces SlenderWall

SlenderWall is manufactured solely by PCI- and/or NPCA-certified architectural precast concrete producers who are also certified licensees of Easi-Set Worldwide. PCI and NPCA are the two premier associations in the precast concrete industry. For specifics on each producer, see the producer list, or please contact Easi-Set by phone: 540-439-8911 or 800-547-4045.

SlenderWall was developed in 1992 and has changed forever how the world builds. Easi-Set Worldwide licensed producers have enhanced the architectural industry with more than 90 SlenderWall projects across North America. (See the Project tab to view them.)

Who Is Easi-Set Worldwide

Easi-Set is a licensing organization staffed with multi-skilled, experienced, creative and innovative professionals from the precast concrete industry. Our mission is to find, develop, and distribute cutting-edge precast technology to qualified producers worldwide and to license them to manufacture Easi-Set-represented products. Easi-Set also provides engineering and technical support, design development, training, and marketing expertise to its licensees. Technical support is also offered to architects, owners, engineers and developers.

Easi-Set was established in 1978 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smith-Midland Corporation and represents proprietary, state-of-the-art precast concrete products that are presently being manufactured worldwide by licensed producers in 41 States, and 11 other countries, including Mexico and three Canadian Provinces. Easi-Set is the only licensing organization in the precast concrete industry that represents multiple lines of products. Visit www.easiset.com to learn more.

What Is Easi-Set's Role?

The many benefits of Easi-Set include working with architects, designers, owners and contractors to incorporate the SlenderWall product into plans and specifications of construction projects. Our staff of professional sales people, engineers, drafters, and coordinators is available to discuss your design questions and to assist you in developing your projects while ensuring a smooth transition to the selected Easi-Set-licensed producer. We are committed to providing designers with expertise from project conception to completion, and our design team will work closely with you and the selected producer every step of the way to ensure that your SlenderWall project meets the highest possible design and manufacturing standards.

Since every project is unique in its own way, it is always recommended that you contact Easi-Set or your nearest SlenderWall producer early on in the design process to develop high-quality, value-engineered solutions up-front. In this way, you can be assured that your custom designs will have the support of one of the most experienced precast teams in the industry. To contact Easi-Set, please call (540) 439-8911 or (800) 547-4045, or visit our website at www.easiset.com.

Technical Design Guide

This Technical Design Guide is presented as a resource for architects, owners, developers, designers and engineers. The intent is to provide information that will aid you in the design-development process of your building project when choosing the SlenderWall system. The ultimate goal is to ensure the profitable execution of your project with a successful blend of quality, beauty and economy. However, since there is so much versatility with SlenderWall, it is not possible to cover every option or detail. Therefore, we will be sending you periodic technical specification updates so please be sure to keep us informed of your current contact information. We also invite you to provide us with your innovative ideas for SlenderWall applications.

NOTE: The SlenderWall building system may not be suitable for use in every possible application and must be installed correctly in order to be installed safely. Only a qualified professional can determine whether SlenderWall is suitable for a particular application or whether a particular installation has been done correctly or safely. Easi-Set Worldwide does not provide these services. Nor does Easi-Set Worldwide license or qualify installers.