Marriott Execustay New York, NY

Reduced Wright of SlenderWall Allows the Quality of Architecural Precast to Reach New Heights

  • Details:58,195 s.f. of SlenderWall System Panels on 130,000 s.f. project 425-feet tall, 32-story high-rise executive apartment building with cantilevered floors
  • Finish:A Simulated limestone and buff-colored architectural precast with light acid wash and precast concrete brick accents
  • Architect:H. Thomas O’Hara Architect, PLLC; New York, NY
  • Owner:Townhouse Management; New York, NY
  • Contractor:BrawnMade Construction, LLC; New York, NY
  • Awards:2004 winner of National Precast Concrete Association’s Cup Award. (Creative Use of Precast)
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Lightweight SlenderWall Makes Use of “Air Space” on Tight Manhattan Site

For the building to be financially viable, "air rights" over buildings on two sides of the property were purchased. This allowed the building floor slabs to cantilever over the top of the lower buildings without column supports for the floor slabs, which created additional leasable floor space. Since the floor slabs were cantilever, a lightweight system was required. The owner selected SlenderWall because of the ability to obtain a low maintenance precast panel that weighs substantially less than traditional precast or brick.

Owner Gains Manhattan Space that Equals an Entire Apartment

The SlenderWall system’s steel frame passes by the edge of the floor slab. This means that the stud wall is off the floor slab, not on top of it. Because of this, the owner gains additional floor space around the perimeter of the building on each floor. On this particular building, the owner gained enough extra floor space to equal that of an additional apartment.

"I started the trend of using SlenderWall on highrise buildings in New York City. I think that the SlenderWall system will be used on many buildings in New York in the future."

-H. Thomas O’Hara Architect, PLLC