Luxenbourg Apartment Complex, Quebec City, Canada

  • Details: SlenderWall panels with closed-cell foam insulation and plant installed windows.
  • Finish: Second nature architectural brick formliner.
  • Owner:Logisbourg
  • Architect: Fugère Architectes
  • Precaster: BPDL
  • Contractor: Logisbourg & Pelco
Luxenbourg slenderwall front A
Luxenbourg slenderwall detail B

Fast construction, lowered costs

Remaining on top in a competitive residential rental market requires developers to stay savvy on a range of issues, from today’s latest color palettes to new construction technologies. The Canadian firm Logisbourg, based in Quebec City, managed this feat with a portfolio that now includes approximately 1,000 units across its hometown. It’s latest addition, Luxenbourg III, a five-story luxury apartment, represents the company’s addition of an advanced precast wall system – SlenderWall – to its technology portfolio.

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“We are one of the only companies that build like this in Quebec City, and maybe the entire province,” says Logisbourg project manager Jean-Simon Généroux. ”You know exactly what it’s going to cost and exactly how much time – it’s like LEGO blocks.”