Torre Ave Medical Tower Monterrey, Mexico

Handles a Curve with Ease

  • Details:70,000 sf. of SlenderWall panels (60-foot radius)
  • Finish: White concrete with an acid wash
  • Architect:Bulnes 103, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Owner:Lobaton Bienes Raices, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Engineer:Sistemas Optimos Constructivos, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Builder:Desarrollo y Construcciones Urbanas, San Pedro Garza Garcia, Mexico
torre ave 2
torre ave 1

This 27-story building is the first cylindrical shaped building in Monterrey, Mexico and will house numerous medical services organizations. The 438 curved (60-foot radius) panels employ white concrete with an acid wash finish for a total cladding area of nearly 70,000 sf. The tower has a parking garage that utilizes traditional architectural panels (88 panels). Both panel types were manufactured concurrently with building construction to shorten the project schedule. The thermal benefits will reduce the environmental operating costs of the project. Additional cost savings where achieved in both the foundation and superstructure design.