April 14, 2021

$5.5 million SlenderWall contract in major New York redevelopment project awarded.

Easi-Set SlenderWall producer Smith-Midland's Smith-Midland Corporation today announced a contract win to provide architectural precast concrete cladding products and services, including Smith-Midland’s proprietary SlenderWall system for use in a 19 story multi-family structure in New Rochelle, New York.

The Lumen Smith Midland SlenderWall Cladding

11 Garden Street, New Rochelle Development

New Rochelle embarked on an ambitious $4 billion redevelopment plan to spark a major economic rebirth of their historic downtown. The plan includes 12 million square feet of new development, comprised of three dozen mixed-use, multi-family, office, and hospitality projects.

One of the projects to break ground in the first wave of development is 11 Garden Street. The 19 story multi-family structure is being built by West 20th Construction LLC. On March 25 West 20th Construction contracted with Smith-Midland to provide over $5.5 million of architectural precast concrete cladding products and services including the Company’s proprietary SlenderWall system. Georgica Green Ventures LLC is the developer and owner of the project.

The 219-unit project designed by the architectural firm, Stephen B. Jacobs Group, will utilize over 72,000 square feet of white acid-etch finished SlenderWall architectural precast panels in combination with 15,000 square feet of traditional architectural precast to clad the exterior of the structure. Both products will be manufactured under PCI certified guidelines in Smith-Midland’s flagship Virginia plant. The SlenderWall panels will also receive factory-applied high thermal performance R-24 closed-cell spray foam insulation prior to shipment. In accordance with the Company’s lean manufacturing process, Smith-Midland will handle all just-in-time transportation, and erection services for this project. Construction began in February 2021 with completion planned for 2023.

“Our strength in the New York and New Jersey markets continues with this project in New Rochelle. We have completed a cluster of great projects along the Hudson River in the past five years, and we hope to duplicate that pattern with our project in the New Rochelle redevelopment initiative. We are focused on growing our proprietary, lightweight SlenderWall cladding business and continue to add value for our clients as we expand our pre-fabrication and customization offerings including options for preinstalled insulation, wall studs and windows,” said Chief Executive Officer, Ashley Smith.

SlenderWall is an award-winning modular precast envelope system that is fully compliant with all current building codes including fire, windstorm, seismic and thermal requirements. The system is licensed for manufacture to qualified precast concrete companies across North America by Smith-Midland’s subsidiary Easi-Set Worldwide, a leading product licensor in the precast concrete industry. To inquire about licensing opportunities, contact Easi-Set at (540) 439-8911 or info@easiset.com.

To contact Smith-Midland or one of our other licensed SlenderWall precast producers about manufacturing SlenderWall for your next architectural project go to our producers contact information page.

To learn more about using SlenderWall for your next project, or to inquire about licensing opportunities, contact us at (540) 439-8911, info@easiset.com