June 1, 2013

SlenderWall® with PVA Fiber Reinforced Concrete

SlenderWall is a proprietary, 28lbs. per square foot, permanent, exterior cladding system made with a hybrid of architectural precast concrete and heavy-gauge steel studs. The resulting building panel wall system provides extraordinary design flexibility and strength.

The SlenderWall panel’s exterior surface now contains 2 inches of PVA fiber reinforced high-strength architectural precast concrete. The interior frame is 16 gauge, 6-inch G90 galvanized steel studs spaced vertically at 2-foot centers.

PVA fibers are dispersed throughout the concrete, and form a molecular bond with the concrete that reduces crack formation and provides multidimensional reinforcement. They also improve the concrete’s resistance to impact, shatter and abrasion. The resulting combination outperforms welded wire reinforcing in terms of structural performance, hurricane ratings and aesthetic benefits, according to EASI-SET® Worldwide, which licenses the SlenderWall system.

The SlenderWall panel systems are tested to ASTM tests including E330 and withstand a wind load of 226 mph (130 psf). They also meet IECC energy codes and can be finished with a variety of architectural details and finishes, including precast concrete brick.

Other features:

The architectural concrete is connected to the steel-stud frame using ThermaGuard, a proprietary connection system utilizing coated, stainless-steel headed anchors. It is the only wall system that combines these four time-tested, proven design components to create an integrated exterior wall system weighing about two-thirds less than conventional architectural precast or brick:

  • High-strength architectural precast concrete
  • PVA fiber reinforcing
  • Coated stainless-steel headed anchors
  • Coated stainless-steel headed anchors

Meets the following standards:

  • Air Infiltration - ASTM E283
  • Static Pressure Water Resistance - ASTM E331
  • Dynamic Pressure Water Resistance - AAMA 501.1
  • Structural Performance - ASTM E330
  • Seismic Movement (Interstory) - AAMA 501.4
  • Thermal Cycle - AAMA 501.5
  • Thermal Transmittance - AAMA 1503
  • Thermal Performance - ASTM C1363
  • Sound Transmission - ASTM E90
  • In-situ Water Test - AAMA 503.03
  • Fire Resistance Rating - ASTM E119

Additional Ratings:

  • Wind Load Test: 226MPH, 130PSF
  • Florida Hurricane Code: NOA #09101.05
  • Blast Resistant Design

Testing background:

In 2013, a SlenderWall panel containing PVA fiber reinforcement in the 2 inches of architectural precast, successfully completed a series of demanding dynamic tests performed by National Certified Testing Laboratories of York, PA, and included performing ASTM tests E283-04, E330-20(10), & E331-00(19), and AAMA tests 501.4-09 & 501.1 under five different configurations using the same SlenderWall panel.

These tests demonstrated the ability of SlenderWall to withstand differential pressures and accommodate inter-story drift. During the test protocol, the panel was preloaded and air leakage, static water penetration and dynamic water penetration tests were performed. Following the preload, a uniform load deflection test was performed and the leakage and water penetration tests were repeated.

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