May 3, 2011

SlenderWall Receives Notice of Acceptance by Miami-Dade County

Midland, VA - Easi-Set WorldWide announced today that its SlenderWall Architectural Precast Concrete/Steel Stud Cladding System has received the prestigious "Notice of Acceptance" from Miami-Dade County, Florida, NOA #091015.05, 3/31/2016 under the applicable rules and regulations governing the use of construction materials in Miami-Dade County and surrounding municipalities.

SlenderWall complies with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code and is also rated to be Impact Resistant to Large and Small Missiles. As such, it is the ideal choice for all types of coastal and non-coastal building panel applications.

The SlenderWall cladding system, developed in the 1990s, has been successfully used in more than 60 medium to high-rise office buildings throughout North America. It combines four proven components: architectural precast concrete, hot-dipped galvanized welded wire, insulated stainless-steel anchors, and heavy-gauge galvanized or stainless-steel studs. It can be provided with plant-installed windows and closed-cell foam insulation.

About Easi-Set Industries

Easi-Set® Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smith-Midland Corporation (Del.), licenses the production and sale of Easi-Set products and provides diversification opportunities to the precast industry worldwide. For more information on the SlenderWall Architectural Precast Concrete Panel System or licensing opportunities, please contact Easi-Set by calling (800) 547- 4045 or visiting

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