October 24, 2006

Smith-Midland Launches New SlenderWall Website

Midland, VA - Officials at Smith-Midland Corp. recently launched a new web site featuring SlenderWall, its architectural precast concrete panel system.

The new web site, found at www.SlenderWall.com, offers architects and engineers expanded product information, including test reports, project summaries, producer lists, specifications and technical detail drawings.

SlenderWall combines time-proven components to create a permanent, light weight wall system for both new construction and recladding projects. Architectural precast concrete, hot-dipped galvanized welded wire, insulated Nelson anchors (ThermaGuard) and heavy-gauge stainless or galvanized steel studs create a single, efficient exterior wall system with unlimited design freedom.

Five “must-have” cladding technologies are available only with the SlenderWall system. H2Out is the only in-the-caulk joint, secondary drainage, street-level leak detection system. Caulk leaks exit to the outside of the building and can be located within 20 feet of the leak whether the building is five days, five years or 20 years old. H2Out is installed only by Easi-Set certified installers.

DuraFlex 360° is the only technology that allows 360° differential movement that isolates the precast skin from the structural stresses associated with wind loading, structural frame movement, expansion and contraction, and seismic shock, thereby preserving the structural integrity and water tightness of the wall. DuraFlex 360° technology has been tested under and passed applicable ASTM and AAMA test methods including AAMA 501.4-2000, Intersectory Differential Movement Vertical and Horizontal Displacement Test.

Lift-and-Release is the only panel-landing system that makes the installation process faster and easier, taking only 15 minutes to install each panel.

Second Nature is the only “Class A” architectural precast concrete brick finish available with the quality level necessary for “Class A” commercial projects.

ThermaGuard is the only 100 percent thermal-break/air barrier precast system. The connection consists of thermal-break protection created by both the ½ inch air space between the concrete panel and stud, and the exclusive epoxy-coated steel Nelson anchor. The patented connection prevents corrosion and reduces thermal transfer by as much as 25 percent, providing a lifetime of heating and cooling savings.

Smith-Midland Corp. is a publicly traded company (OTC BB: SMID, SMIWC; Boston Stock Exchange: SMM, SMM/W). Smith-Midland develops, manufactures and sells a broad array of precast concrete products for use primarily in the construction, transportation and utilities industries. Smith-Midland has two manufacturing facilities located in Midland, Va. and Reidsville, N.C. Easi-Set Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of Smith-Midland Corporation, licenses the production of Smith-Midland developed products around the world. For more information please call (540) 439-3266 or visit www.SlenderWall.com.

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