slenderwall testimonial a

Johns Hopkins Hospital – Nelson-Harvey Building, Baltimore, MD

The design team strategized on how to address the exterior, and make it completely weathertight and add sufficient insulation. "It needed to be a lightweight system and it had to match the Johns Hopkins signature brick aesthetic on the campus, especially with its adjacency to the iconic Billings Building," says Dan McKelvey, an associate principal and building envelope expert with Ayers Saint Gross. "The only product we found that met all our criterion was SlenderWall."

~Dan McKelvey

Associate Principal and Building Envelope Expert, Ayers Saint Gros

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slenderwall testimonial b

The Alexander Luxury Apartments, Edgewater, NJ

"We went to Virginia to study the panel system for a project in another state, and we were impressed by its capabilities. So we decided to use the system again for the Alexander."

~Fred Daibes, Owner

Daibes Enterprises

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slenderwall testimonial c

ETS University Residences, Montreal, Canada

"The design flexibility, the professional approach and cooperation of the precast concrete manufacturer and the overall quality of the panel has made our choice the right one for this project."

~Serge Jacques, Principal Architect

Régis Côté et Associés

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slenderwall testimonial d

BioInnovation Center, New Orleans, LA

The choice of SlenderWall was an easy one for the architects, says Mark Ripple, AIA, LEED AP, principal of Eskew+Dumez+Ripple. "For the cladding we wanted a durable, hurricane-proof and opaque system, and SlenderWall would allow a fine architectural surface and yet be lighter in weight than traditional, heavier precast," says the designer. "The system has a lower carbon footprint than alternatives, and the structures supporting it can be lighter, which is important in our soft soils of Southern Louisiana."

~Mark Ripple, AIA, LEED AP, Principal


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slenderwall testimonial e

Westin Luxury Hotel and Residences, Virginia Beach Town Center Virginia Beach, VA

"SlenderWall was the right solution for us."

~Lou Haddah, CEO & President

Armada Hoffler

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slenderwall testimonial f

The Griffix Montreal, Canada

For Eric Huot, a principal in the Montreal-based architectural firm of Geiger + Huot and the primary architect involved in the Griffix design, his main mission was “incorporating the existing façade of the historic building, recreating the arcade along Wellington Street, and marrying these to a new high-rise building.” From a site planning standpoint, the solution was to locate the high-rise tower at the eastern edge of the site and leave the corner of Peel Street to the existing building, “in an effort to maintain the streetscape as it had been for most of the last century,” Huot says.

To emphasize the tower’s "distinct expression" in relation to the original building, Huot used SlenderWall and recessed windows to create a cladding design that combines solid masses with punched openings and a "lighter, airy counterpoint of glass curtain wall."

~Eric Huot, Principal

Geiger + Huot

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slenderwall testimonial g

Gateway Exchange I & II, Columbia, MD

SlenderWall was chosen for 2 main reasons "… it is a continuation of a product that we knew worked well and because of the effectiveness of erection. We had potential tenants and needed to turn around the space quickly." Stan Link, Senior Vice President Construction for COPT

~Stan Link, Senior Vice President Construction


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slenderwall testimonial 1

Marriott Execustay, New York, NY

"I started the trend of using SlenderWall on highrise buildings in New York City. I think that the SlenderWall system will be used on many buildings in New York in the future."

~H. Thomas O’Hara

H. Thomas O’Hara Architect, PLLC

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slenderwall testimonial 2

BWI Corporate Center I, Linthicum, MD

"Curved panel applications are easily accommodated with SlenderWall. The combination of design choices, flexibility and cost savings has resulted in our choice of SlenderWall on several high profile projects."

~Mitch Weber, Principal

Heffner & Weber

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slenderwall testimonial 3

Huntington Hospital, Huntington, NY

"Our overall objectives of design flexibility, sound construction, and speed of building erection – all at economical costs – were made possible with the SlenderWall panel system."

~Tom LePage, Project Engineer

Barr & Barr

"SlenderWall provided the ability to be creative at an economical cost to the client. The flexibility of the system provided us with unlimited design freedom."

~Victor Famulari, R.A., NCARB

Smith-Palmer & Famulari, Ltd.

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slenderwall testimonial 4

Seven Skyline Park, Falls Church, VA

"SlenderWall was the perfect solution for the penthouse panels. It weighs substantially less than 6” thick panels. We used the same mix as the base building panels for a perfect match."

~Andrew Rashid

Weihe Design Group

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slenderwall testimonial 5

Woodlands I, Columbia, MD

"For this project, SlenderWall was cheaper, better and faster to install than alternative construction methods. After all of the options were evaluated, the obvious choice was SlenderWall."

~Mr. Doug Carter, AIA, NCARB

Davis, Carter, Scott

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slenderwall testimonial 6

Rutgers - Health Insurance Plan Building, New Brunswick, NJ

"What attracted us to this product is the 2-inch thick precast concrete in an economical panelized format with steel-stud backup. This significantly reduced the cost of the structural frame and foundation required to support this much lighter system. Thus, we could achieve the beauty of a precast concrete or masonry exterior in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. Currently, we are on our fifth project using SlenderWall."

~Edward N. Rothe, FAIA

Rothe-Johnson-Fantacone Associates

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slenderwall testimonial 7

Bradley Hall Building, Newark, NJ

"The SlenderWall panels were pre-insulated at the factory and were used to re-clad a deteriorated, turn-of-the-century industrial structure. The system installation integrated easily with the custom windows of our design. SlenderWall is a significant and permanent improvement to the existing building."

~Mr. Allen Trousdale

GRAD Associates

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slenderwall testimonial 8

Woodlands II, Columbia, MD

"First, the system allows us to achieve our desired design of combined masonry and precast in one panel with significant savings over conventional brick veneer and precast. Secondly, we could construct a building with a masonry appearance in the dead of winter without cold weather delays and added costs for winterized construction."

~D. Ronald Brasher, Principal

D.R. Brasher, Architects

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slenderwall testimonial 9

New Jerusalem Baptist Church, Queens, NY

"SlenderWall just makes sense. The SlenderWall system is the only product that can cost-effectively clad the building and provide the desired finish. SlenderWall is lightweight, easy to install, and keeps costs down — something we can’t get with any other product."

~Gary P. Santos, Architect

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