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Thermal Break Stainless Steel Fastener System

Benefit: Reduced heating & cooling costs with increased structural integrity

Introducing the industry-exclusive 100% thermal-break/air-barrier precast concrete cladding system. Our proprietary ThermaGuard™ connection system secures the concrete facing to the G90 galvanized steel frame using stainless-steel fasteners. These fasteners not only anchor the concrete facing to the steel frame, but also allow the concrete to respond independently to thermal gradients with an air space between the precast concrete and the frame. This system reduces thermal transfer from the exterior to the interior of the building by as much as 25% over a traditional architectural precast system. And the stainless-steel fasteners prevent corrosion and reduce thermal transfer by as much as 63% compared to carbon steel.

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  • Air gap reduces thermal transfer
  • Isolation of the precast concrete skin from internal building wind loading, frame movement, expansion, contraction, and seismic shock
  • The only 2-inch wall connection that meets the AAMA 501.4-2000, Interstory Differential Movement, Vertical and Horizontal Displacement Test
  • SlenderWall Thermal Performance AIA CEO course - PDF