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Fast Panel-Landing System

Benefit: Reduces panel installation time by 50%

Optional Feature: Easi-Set uses a patented, proprietary erection method—Lift-and-Release – that effectively speeds up panel installation. With the Lift-and-Release system, SlenderWall panels can be plumbed and aligned after the crane has unhooked and moved on using a turn-of-nut connection. See Drawing Details E-1 through E-4 in the Typical Details for more information on this system.

Easi-Set’s choice of experienced erection companies must be PCI-qualified erectors, or have a minimum of five years experience installing SlenderWall architectural precast concrete panels. These installers prioritize safety as they set panels according to required delivery sequences and schedules. They also carefully coordinate site access and storage priorities with the general contractor to maximize the number of panels set per day, minimizing the overall erection time frame. Field crews carefully execute the connection details according to the approved engineering design.

Precast Concrete/Steel Stud Panels Lift-and-Release is the only panel-landing system that makes the installation process faster and easier -- under 20 minutes per panel).

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