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High-Tech Fiber and Welded Wire Dual Reinforcement

Benefit: Long-term durability

SlenderWall panels are manufactured using two separate methods of concrete reinforcement. First, molecularly-bound high-tech fibers are used in the concrete mix to prevent micro-cracks from shrinkage during curing, excessive stress when in service, temperature fluctuations, and freeze-thaw cycles. Fiber reinforcement does an excellent job controlling micro-cracking.

Second, sheets of welded-wire placed within the middle of the 2” precast panels prevents larger structural cracks from developing during stresses caused by internal structural building loads or external environmental loads, such as hurricanes.

  • Over 100+ years of durability
  • Impervious to temperature fluctuations
  • Panels are lab tested to wind-loads of 226 mph
  • Controls micro-cracks
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