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Factory-Installed Windows

- Reduced installation cost, construction schedules and on-site trades
- Plant controlled window installation

Optional Feature: SlenderWall producers work with your specified window manufacturer to install the windows during the panel manufacturing process. Installing and caulking the windows in a controlled environment, at ground level, will improve the quality and consistency of the fit. This method also increases the approval of final inspection. Having panels delivered with pre-installed windows will significantly reduce schedules, decrease construction waste, and eliminate on-site window installers.

    • Superior fit and sealing through controlled factory conditions
    • Consistent quality control standards


Note: To meet established construction schedules, early in the contract phase, information on the window manufacturer, window model(s) and window delivery schedule should be provided to the SlenderWall producer. The producer will initiate communications with the window supplier to ensure that an in-plant install can be performed consistent with the contract provisions.

SlenderWall Window install BPDL Residence Inn

Residence Inn by Marriott, Providence, RI installation by Easi-Set SlenderWall producer BPDL.

Windows ResidenceInnMarriott