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Factory-Installed Insulation

Benefits: Superior thermal performance. Reduced construction schedules, reduced time for on-site trades

Optional Feature: Continuous Closed-Cell Foam Factory Applied Insulation is installed in an environmentally controlled facility with unlimited access to panel. Factory application reduces the use of on-site trades and shortens the schedules for interior wall build-out, as well as providing a higher level of quality control. The foam application also supplants the need for a separate vapor barrier product.

SlenderWall panels have been tested in an independent lab hot box to ASTM C1363-11 thermal performance standards. The objective of this test program is to investigate how standard SlenderWall panels meet the thermal performance requirements for all climatic zones within the United States and parts of Canada. A series of tests were performed on SlenderWall panels containing varying depths of closed cell foam insulation and gap "spacings" (the gap between the precast concrete exterior skin and the steel stud frame). These separate tests provided the foundation for developing a methodology to ensure that the panel's thermal performance (U-value and continuous insulation) will meet varying customer requirements.

SlenderWall exterior cladding panels meet IECC/ASHEA Thermal Requirements from Zone 1 through Zone 8.

California Building Energy Efficiency Standards - Title 24 Compliance

  • Consistency of application through climate controlled factory conditions
  • Lab-tested energy code compliance


The CEU course "Maximize Thermal Performance with Lightweight Precast Concrete Modular Cladding – Explore how lab-tested R-values deliver high-performance envelopes"


The course can be found online for credit on the Continuing Architect: