Architectural Finishes and Colors

Precast concrete products are known for their strength, durability, cost savings etc. SlenderWall has all of those benefits wrapped up in a product that also enhances the aesthetics of your project. We offer an extensive variety of standard and custom precast concrete cladding finishes and detail options that can be produced within our 2-inch thick exterior cladding surface.

SlenderWall producers can make panels in any color or texture that is found within the PCI Color and Texture Guide. Over 24 colors and 500 texture options are at your disposal for limitless finish possibilities. However, colors and textures may vary by region due to the variance of natural materials.

What Alters Precast Concrete Wall Panel Details?

Color sections for your project should be made under lighting conditions similar to those under which the product will be utilized. Bear in mind things such as the strong light and shadows of natural daylight will affect the final look and feel of your panels. When it comes to the precast concrete cladding color, it’s important to keep in mind that its surface texture will influence the appearance of color. The building's appearance is a function of the architect's use of light, shadow, texture, and color.

This is where SlenderWall shines! Our product offers a design flexibility in both color and texture of the precast concrete by varying: aggregate and matrix color, size of aggregates, finishing processes, and depth of exposure. Combining color with texture accentuates the natural beauty of aggregates in many cases.

Second Nature (architectural precast concrete brick) is only available through SlenderWall producers. Second Nature is the only precast concrete brick reproduction approved by historical societies and architects for use of high profile architectural projects.

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