Architectural Precast Concrete
and Steel Stud Building Panels

SlenderWall Curtain Wall Value for Architects, Contractors and Owners/DevelopersValue You Can MeasureSlenderWall Curtain Wall Value for Architects, Contractors & Owners/Developers

The SlenderWall precast concrete cladding system provides the lasting value that architects, general contractors and property owners/developers demand. SlenderWall is known industry wide as the most durable and cost-efficient exterior cladding system. Precast concrete wall panels by SlenderWall are produced throughout North America, and have been designed and installed for schools, office buildings, and hotels. It can also be installed on other high rise commercial, municipal and residential structures.

The value of SlenderWall is readily apparent in the design, site delivery, installation and settling processes. Our precast concrete cladding system has a level of cost and quality efficiency -- a major advantage with any precast concrete product -- that is unmatched in the industry. SlenderWall concrete panels are over 60% lighter in weight compared to other architectural precast concrete products. This reduction in weight results in expedited delivery, requires smaller equipment to install the panels, and ultimately lower costs on the whole project.

Precast concretes level of quality control is surpasses other exterior cladding applications such as wood, stone or plastic. Quality control is much easier to maintain due to the nature of the casting process. Because all concrete wall panels are produced in climate-controlled factories environmental factors such as outdoor temperatures, snow, rain or heat do not alter the curing process.

In addition to SlenderWall being a durable, top quality product, it is designed to increase the efficiency of the building it surrounds. The system is designed to reduce cooling and heating costs for property owners and tenants. Moreover, the innovative H2Out architectural cladding caulk drainage and leak detection system is a proven sealant that keeps any structure dry and leak-free.

For The Architects:

  • Appearance & Quality - architectural precast concrete exterior finish
  • Cost-Effective - net cost to project is substantially below panel direct costs
  • Flexibility - large panels, cantilever applications, multiple finishes

For The General Contractors:

  • Reduced Construction Schedules - large panels shorten the installation schedule
  • Speed of Erection - proprietary system increases installation rates by up to 50%
  • Smaller Construction Cranes - light weight panels - 28 lbs/sf
  • Reduced Trades at the Site - panelization, exterior wall studding integral to panel and architectural precast concrete brick (APCB) (also eliminates lay-down area)

For The Owners & Developers:

  • Appearance - high quality architectural precast concrete with integral architectural details and multiple finishes
  • Reduced Construction Costs - reduced foundation and superstructure requirements, outboard mounting produces bonus square footage on every floor, exterior wall framing integral to panel, shorter construction schedules, lighter cranes
  • Cooling and Heating Costs - panels have an integral thermal break / air barriers
  • Permanence - precast concrete finish, seismic isolation, new caulking technology
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