Architectural Precast Concrete
and Steel Stud Building Panels

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Curtain Wall Cladding Joint ConnectionsCurtain Wall Cladding Joint Connections

The size of the joint chosen on your project should be carefully considered. Easi-Set recommends a minimum nominal joint size of ¾ -inch, to account for production and erection tolerances and to help ensure a long lasting, watertight panel joint. Joints detailed less than ¾-inch can, in some instances, result in actual panel joints smaller than caulk sub-contractors cover under warranty. It’s important to maintain a ¾ -inch joint between the precast and the window system for the very same reason. Also, it is strongly recommended that the caulk joints be inspected at regular intervals over time to ensure that degradation of the caulk has not occurred. Your Easi-Set sales team will provide specific maintenance guidelines to help assist you.

When selecting accent reveals or rustication lines, it’s important to tie them in to the chosen joint size. Triangular reveals are not to be used because they are difficult to affix to the forms. Instead, a trapezoidal reveal will provide a flat nailing surface for the form builders and help minimize possible nail-hole irregularities. When choosing a reveal, limit the depth to 3/8-inch. This is to maintain a minimum effective concrete thickness of 1-5/8-inches at all locations. See also Drawing Details A-1 and A-6 in the Typical Details for more information relating to joints and reveals.

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