Architectural Precast Concrete
and Steel Stud Building Panels

Attributes of Concrete and Steel Wall PanelsAttributes of Concrete and Steel Wall Panels

Physical Properties

The SlenderWall system is a composite, lightweight wall system that takes advantage of the unique properties of steel and concrete to achieve a durable and aesthetically-pleasing façade system. Its exterior surface is 2-inches of PVA fiber reinforced architectural precast concrete. The panel’s interior contains 16-gauge, 6-inch G90 galvanized studs on 2-foot centers. The composite section of steel studs and high-strength architectural precast concrete provide the strength and stiffness to allow the system to resist hurricane level winds and seismic movement.

Securing the 2-inch concrete facing to the steel frame are a series of proprietary, ThermaGuard coated stainless-steel headed anchors. These securely connect the concrete facing to the steel frame while providing the means to allow the concrete to respond independently to thermal gradients by utilizing the ½-inch air space between the precast concrete and the stud frame. This reduces thermal transfer from the exterior to the interior of the building by as much as 25%.

Precast to Steel Stud Frame PanelsIn addition to the thermal transfer reduction, another proprietary technology, DuraFlex 360°, is utilized.This technology isolates of the exterior precast concrete skin from the structural stresses associated with wind loading, structural steel movement, expansion and contraction, and seismic movement. DuraFlex 360° is the only 2-inch wall connection that meets the AAMA 501.4-2000, Interstory Differential Movement, Vertical and Horizontal Displacement Test. The exterior 2-inch-thick architectural precast concrete face can be finished with a variety of textures, colors, shapes, applied products, or finishes. SlenderWall utilizes 5,000 psi concrete with reinforcement PVA fibers.

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