Architectural Precast Concrete
and Steel Stud Building Panels

Curtain Wall Architecture Construction Project ScheduleCurtain Wall Architecture Construction Project Schedule

In order to optimize the SlenderWall system, it is highly recommended that Easi-Set be involved in the coordination of details, connections and panelization options early during the design development phase. Because plant availability may vary, it is best to award the SlenderWall façade contract prior to other trades. This will also facilitate incorporation of SlenderWall connections into the Contract Documents. The timeline below represents a typical project schedule, incorporating SlenderWall into the subcontract. Note that the timeline below depicts representative durations to achieve maximum economy. Depending upon project complexity, these durations may vary. Allowing for optimal lead times and production rates will help keep costs low and quality high. Easi-Set can assist you in preparing a more detailed schedule for each project to integrate into the overall project timeline.

Representative SlenderWall Project Timeline
50% Contract Drawing Completed
3 weeks after Contract Awarded
12 weeks after start of shop drawings
Duration negotiated prior to contract signing.
Minimum 80% produced.
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