Architectural Precast Concrete
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Features and Benefits of SlenderWall Cladding: Make a Permanent Change in the Way you DesignFeatures and Benefits of SlenderWall Cladding: Make a Permanent Change in the Way you Design

It's Ture! It will make a permanent change in the way you design
  • Reduces structural steel and foundation requirements when compared to conventional methods.
  • Designed to endure structural challenges such as building frame lateral displacement, beam and floor deflection, column shortening and long-term creep.
  • Eliminates corrosion by utilizing corrosion-proof and rust-proof materials.
  • Specially formulated precast concrete mix provides a maintenance-free, waterproof panel that minimizes vapor infiltration.
  • Major cost savings on cantilevered structure designs.
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Precast Concrete Panels
  • Uses time-tested, proven components.
  • Provides the permanence of architectural precast concrete. It will not dent, rust, burn, warp or delaminate.
  • Offers custom shapes and sizes, radii, bull noses, reveals and returns manufactured to tight tolerances in year-round climate-controlled factories.
  • Designed for load-bearing or curtain wall applications.
  • Eliminates staggering recladding costs and responsibility battles by using permanent components.
  • Lightweight panels are 28 lbs. per square foot, including the heavy-gauge steel framing.
  • Reduces installation time and costs by up to 50% due to exclusive Lift-and-Release panel-landing system.
  • Reduces construction costs because smaller cranes can be used during installation.
  • Reduces on-site weather costs and delays as well as on-site construction debris.
  • Reduces shipping costs by as much as 60% since more panels can be shipped on each load.
  • Increases leasable floor space income by mounting panels outboard of floor slab.
  • Optional plant-installed closed-cell foam insulation and windows
  • Optional H2Out advanced sealant system
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