Architectural Precast Concrete
and Steel Stud Building Panels

Concrete Panels: Steel Stud Framing Interior FinishConcrete Panels: Steel Stud Framing Interior Finish

The SlenderWall system is designed to accept numerous types of interior finishes. These finishes can be applied directly to the heavy-gauge stud framing. When detailing the interior finish applied directly to the back of the stud frame, a note should be made in the plans and specifications indicating that there is a difference in allowable tolerances between production and installation of the SlenderWall system and the metal-stud-frame system. This means that there may be differences in the stud frame on the back of the SlenderWall panels that will need to be accommodated by the interior-finishing contractor. They should also be made aware that the standard SlenderWall frame incorporates 16-gauge vertical studs and a 14-gauge top and bottom track.

In some cases— for example, where four (4) SlenderWall panels intersect, or with a long uninterrupted exterior corridor— the designer may elect to introduce a horizontal furring strip of 5/8-inch or 1-inch. This is used to “true up” the wall system before the interior finish is applied.

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