Architectural Precast Concrete
and Steel Stud Building Panels

Facial Projection

Precast Concrete Construction - Architectural DetailsPrecast Concrete Construction - Architectural Details

Facial projections can add a unique accent to your building project. Because these features are cast to the panels “bottom in form,” a minimum draft dimension is necessary in order to be able to strip the panels out of the forms. Without proper draft, suction forces generated between the concrete and the form may cause the panels to bind up during stripping and possibly damage the panel and/or forms. To ensure this does not occur, Easi-Set recommends a minimum draft of 1:6 on facial projections, as noted in the sketch below. See Drawing Details on A-7 in the Typical Details for more specific dimensional limitations. It should also be kept in mind that facial projections tend to increase production costs, since forms need to be built up to accommodate the feature.

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